We exist to build and safeguard a fair, free, and open society in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality, and community, and in which poverty, ignorance or conformity shall enslave no-one. Liberal Democrats around the country are campaigning for their local areas and welcome to the Darlington & Sedgefield group. 
With other parties thinking they can just rely on your vote at election time, they don’t often work as hard as they should to make sure they’re doing the best for you and your neighbourhood, we Liberal Democrats will always fight to give your community a voice. 

The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.

Open means open-hearted, open-minded, forward-looking, modern, green, internationalist and pro-European. We believe Britain is at its best when it is creative, innovative and outward-looking, comfortable in the fast-changing modern world and open to the opportunities and challenges of globalisation and the digital revolution. 

Tolerant means diverse, compassionate and generous. We will always fight injustice and stand up for the underdog, the outsider, the individual, the minority and the vulnerable against the powerful. 

United means we will always put the interests of the whole United Kingdom first. We reject the divisions in society, whether between young and old, urban and rural, leave and remain, or between regions and nations. We believe we are stronger – as communities, as a country and as a world – when we work together in our common interest.

We believe in Opportunity. That everyone, no matter what your background, should have the same chance in life. We want to fight injustice, reduce inequality and break down the barriers that hold people back, whether it is in schools, the workplace or anywhere people are denied a fair chance.

That starts with a strong and stable economy, fit for the long-term, without which we can’t have a strong NHS, good schools and decent public services, and without those creating opportunity is impossible. We are the only party that combines economic competence with a plan for strong public services and an optimistic vision for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.

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Sedgefield in County Durham was that of the former Labour prime minister Tony Blair who held the seat from 1983 until he stood down in 2007. In 1997 - the year he became prime minister - he had a majority of 25,000. Labour's Phil Wilson followed on and in 2010 he had a majority of 8,700 and a 45% share of the vote. The Conservatives had 23% and the Liberal Democrats 20%.  

Darlington - home of the first passenger railway with many of the surrounding rural villages.
Labour has held the seat since 1992. In 2010, Labour's Jenny Chapman was elected with 39.4% of the votes; Conservatives got 31.5%, Liberal Democrats 23.4% and BNP 2.9%. 

Things are changing
The Liberal Democrats across the UK are winning local by-elections, 19 gains as opposed to Labours 13 loses and the Conservatives 16.
December - It is not just local by-elections. Richmond Park has returned a Liberal Democrat M.P. Overturning what was a large Conservative majority..
Residents in Richmond Park and North Kingston can send a message to this hard-Brexit Government and change their direction on Europe. 
The Liberal Democrats are the only party who wont accept the destructive path the Conservatives are taking the country. 
Join us today and help to make the pro European voice louder.