I have always recycled paper, cardboard, bottles and jars. In a week I collect a large amount of newspaper and catalogues and usually filled my blue bag plus a carrier. The green basket plus bottle and jars was too heavy with the newspapers so they were carried separately to the…


The Crisis in A & E

One of the reasons given for the problems the NHS is having in A & E Departments is said to be the shortage of doctors and nurses. This is one problem the Labour party cannot blame on the Coalition as it takes six years or more to train them. The…


St Aidan’s

It is to be regretted that The Northern Echo should savagely criticize the school following the unfavorable OFSTED report. The Church Commissioners have already taken action by putting in additional resources so the attack can only undermine the moral of the staff who are working hard to improve the situation….

Michael Gove

Goodbye Michael Gove

The best part of Cameron’s reshuffle was the sacking of Gove so we hope to see the end of his ideological policies. His recent announcement that all school meals should be healthy specifying the fruit and veg content and limiting the number fried foods was good but it excluded Academies…

Darlington bounders1.jpg-pwrt2

Boundary Review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has just announced changes to Darlington Borough Council Wards. The changes will come into force for the May 2015 Council Elections and will reduce the number of Councillors from 53 to 50. They will also even up the wards so that each Councillor…